Moment of Truth

Summer House
Book 3
Release Date: October 30, 2015

Sometimes the wrong love turns out to be right...

Heather Connelly made that dreaded mistake most young girls in love made. She followed a boy to Nantucket, convinced he loved her. And then got dumped in a public and humiliating way that ended in a pub brawl. With her heart ripped to shreds, she wanders the beach drowning her tears in a bottle of wine, trying to figure out how to give it one more try. She finds the open door to his suite on the beach and climbs into bed naked wanting to show him just what he'll miss. Their love making is electric and nothing like she'd ever experience before. She's convinced she's won him back. But the next morning she wakes and realizes...she climbed into the wrong bed. Can this wrong man be perfect right for her?

Despite making his first million by 25 and then turning his small company into a nearly billionaire dollar empire, Slade Sullivan couldn't feel any lower. Recently divorced, he's gone to Nantucket Island, a place where he'd visited on many occasions as a child, to lick his wounds and regroup. When a beautiful woman climbs into his bed and begs him to make love to her, he can't resist. But in the light of day he realizes his huge mistake. She's nearly twenty years younger than him! He knows he should end it right there, but he can't resist this woman who makes him look at truths he's never wanted to see. Can their summer fling become a lasting love? 

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Moment of Truth is a new adult & college romance novel with steamy sexual situations that are not suited for people under 18. 



I should have learned my lesson from all the losers my mother brought home with her when I was a kid.  I’m a magnet for them, too.  Except…Jason wasn’t a loser.  He didn’t beat me up or try to get me drunk just to get in my bed.  
I did that on my own.  The beating up part was the mind fuck of my life.  The drinking made me forget it.  And everything else…well, that was everything else.
I dig my toes into the cool sand and drop to the ground.  The salty breeze coming in from with the surf bathes my face enough to ease the nausea that is wedged in the pit of my stomach.  I hate being sick.  I won’t be sick.  Not for him, dammit!
The water is coming in further and soon I’ll be able to feel the surf hit me. Make me wet. But I don’t care.  Out here in the darkness, no one can find me.  No one can judge me.  No one can hurt me.
The crowd of people who’d gathered outside the nightclub I’ve worked at for the last six weeks is thinning.  The sound of people talking and laughing and walking along the beach as they make their way back to their hotels and beach houses echoes around me.  But no one bothers me.  I’m invisible here.  I want to be invisible…until I hear Jason’s voice.  
A tear trickles down my cheek and I let it travel to wherever it wants to go.  I don’t bother to stop it.  I like the cool air against my wet skin.  I can feel that, just like I feel the slight pain beneath the sweatband around my wrist.  And the bruise on my face that doesn’t sting anymore.  It just aches like the aching in my chest.
Jason had loved me once.  How could I have been so wrong about that?  But now he’s being a dick of monumental proportions.  The only reason I even came to Nantucket was because I was sure he still wanted me here. Well, fuck.  He hadn’t wanted me tonight even though he’d asked me to wait for him after my shift.  But then he’d started kissing that fuck-faced bimbo...Chelsea. Right there on the dance floor. For everyone to see.
I run my hand over the pain growing in my chest.  Tonight was a total waste.  Being here on this island is a total waste.
“What the fuck did I do?” I hear Jason say.  And I’m just pathetic enough to care about what that is.  “I totally fucked it up.”
This is what makes me pathetic.  Because I do care.  Does he regret kissing that Chelsea girl and making me look like a wretched fool in front of all the people at the club?  Does he regret pushing me and making me stumble against the freakin’ bar and hitting my face?  I can tell that my cheek is swollen.  And I saw the look on my roommate Penny’s face.  She saw it too.  They all saw it. 
I rub my head where it hurts and realize it’s not from being hit, it’s from having my hair yanked.  I don’t know who did it.  Everything happened so fast and then I was on the floor and people were climbing over me.
I think, but my head is still fuzzy.  I’d had a few shots after seeing that first kiss on the dance floor.  I needed to finish my shift and that was the only way I was going to get through it.
Double shots at the bar.
Bringing a tequila and beer to Jason.
“Fuck you,” I’d said when I saw him arguing with that dick from Hyannis.  I downed the tequila myself and then…and then…
I feel pain in my head and then I’m on the floor being stepped on.
The next thing I know Gus was dragging me out of the club.
Oh, God, who saw this?  Most of the people who’d witnessed the brawl on the dance floor tonight are regulars.  They know how I feel about Jason.  They’d seen us together.  And they’d seen what Jason had done.
The sound of Jason’s voice floats through the night air down to the beach where I’d rather hide from all those pitying stares.  All those people who saw my roommate Lily’s boyfriend, Gus Jennings, drag me out of the pit of the dance floor as Jason and some loser from Hyannis got into that fight…over Chelsea.
“I need to get laid,” I hear.  I sway in the sand as the alcohol finally hits me and makes my head swim.  It’s numbing.  But I don’t want to be numb.  I’m a fighter.  I’m a survivor.  Fuck Chelsea, whoever the hell she is.  If anyone is crawling into bed with Jason, it’s going to be me!

* * *


For a man who’d closed a multi-million dollar business deal just hours ago and finagled a better price than even the financiers had expected, I’m amazed I was actually able to get that little key card into the door and find the bed.  The hotel room is hot, so I walk to the sliding door and open it, letting the breeze from the ocean come into the room to cool it down.  I could put the a/c on higher but I like the smell of the ocean and the breeze blowing over me somehow takes away a bit of the nausea I’d felt at the club.
I sit down on the bed and watch the sheer curtain billow with the wind.  It’s all I can see in the darkness.  But I can hear people talking as they walk on the beach.  Out there, people are laughing.  But I can’t laugh.  Not after today.
“It’s just a fucking house,” I tell myself as I shrug out of my suit jacket and toss it to the chair by the little table in the corner.  “You can buy another house.  Hell, you can buy a dozen houses with the money you have in the company.”
I sway as I sit on the bed.  My little pep talk isn’t working.  I start to unbutton my shirt and smell the whiskey the cocktail waitress spilled on me when she’d refilled her tray with drinks. Pretty girl.  Nice smile.  Too much makeup.  Chloe always wore too much makeup too but that’s because she had it professionally done every day and I swear they charged her by the pound for the makeup they used.
I chuckle thinking about the dressing room at the house that I no longer own.  It was bigger than my office in downtown Boston.  I’m not going to miss getting up in the morning and accidentally walking in on Chloe and her stylist and makeup artist at the crack of dawn while I was still in the buff.  Shit, didn’t those girls ever sleep?
The shirt is giving me more of a struggle than I have patience for.  I pop a button somewhere along the endless run of buttons running down my chest, but I finally managed to get the shirt off.  The shoes and pants went quicker and before I know it I’m naked and struggling with the bedspread so I can crawl under the blanket.
I quickly abandon the idea and just fall flat on my back on the bedspread, hoping the room will stop spinning enough for me to fall asleep.  The room is too hot for the blanket anyway.  A rush of cool breeze and noise from the beach rushes into the room.  The breeze feels good.  The noise, not so much.
“Hey, baby,” I hear someone whisper.
I could be dreaming.  But I’m not sure.  It feels an awful lot like someone crawling onto the bed.
“What are you doing?” I mumble.
“It wasn’t nice of you to leave the club without me,” the sweet voice says.  I recognize that voice.  Although I don’t know from where.
“Make love to me, baby.”
“What?”  I lift my head just as I feel soft hands making a trail up my legs to my balls.
I moan as the sensation of feeling a woman’s touch on me after so long makes my senses come alive again.
“Do you want me, baby?” she asks.  Her voice is like a purr. 
“Who…what?” I manage to say.
“It’s me.  Heather.  Don’t you know who I am?”
“Heather,” I say.  Yes.  I remember.  Heather is the cocktail waitress at the club.  “You spilled a drink on me.”
“I’m sorry, baby.  Do you forgive me?”
The words are hard to process, mostly because I can’t think of anything else but what she’s doing with her hands.  And now her mouth.  She’s kissing my stomach with little feather kisses that grow cold as the breeze from outside hits the moisture she’s leaving on my skin.  It feels great.  I’m so tired, but I can feel my cock getting hard and throbbing.
She’s cupping my balls with one hand and has her fingers wrapped about the base of my dick with the other. 
I hiss as the pleasure of her stroking me makes my dick throb.  And then her mouth covers me, stroking with exquisite pleasure.  I raise my hips with each flick of her tongue and each stroke of her mouth.
“You’re killing me,” I say with a moan. 
She pulls away and says, “No better way to die.” Her little giggle floats to my ear and makes me smile.
“You can say that again.”
I’d been on the verge of cumming, but now I can breathe again. 
“Come here,” I say. 
She climbs on top of me and melts against my body as I crush her against my chest in a searing kiss. She's so soft and so hot that I’m afraid I’ll break her if I hold her too tight.  But she doesn’t protest.  When we stop kissing, she straddles me, positioning herself on top of my throbbing member and then sliding herself onto me so that I’m inside her, moving, stroking.
“You feel so good,” she murmurs.  I grab her hips and continue to move her up and down, up and down.  Nothing has ever felt as good as Heather feels right now.
Her moaning increases and becomes little gasps as she struggles for air with every thrust.  I feel her body tighten and it’s more than I can bare. And then her small, fragile body shudders.  My dick is squeezed by the orgasm that has her rocking back and forth and moaning.  And then I too join her as I cum, feeling ripped apart by the ever glorious sensation this woman has brought out in me.
When it’s over, she collapses against my chest, breathing hard and sweating.  The cool breeze coming in from the sliding door feels good against my skin.  Heather feels even better.
Heather rests her head on my chest as I struggle to figure out how I ended up getting such a gift tonight.  When her breathing steadies, she lifts her head and says, “How long before we can do it again?”
I chuckle at my good fortune.  The day had been a total suckfest.  Tonight I was making love to an incredibly beautiful woman who wanted me.  Fuck Chloe.

# # #

Copyright 2015 Lisa Mondello


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